Mia Booth Single Pod


Double 5MM tempered glass, metal frame, MDF with 9MM sound absorbing cotton and fabric, stainless steel handle, LED sensor lamp and sensor fan. Can be used for offices, schools, stadiums, hospitals, theme parks, and airports! Download the brochure!

  • Description

    Product Description


    Ethernet Port
    Optional Plug ensures that
    connections are never missed

    Power Outlets
    Two outlets that keep users powered
    up for every charged work session

    Industrial Grade Carpet
    100% Nylon for higher resistance
    against wear & tear.

    Controlled sound range
    of 45DB

    A standard 120V plug with a 10′ long
    power cord. No hard wiring required.

    Airflow Inlet
    Removable, discreet inlet suitable for
    easy cleaning & optimizes airflow

    LED Light
    Overhead LED light strip to assure the
    fluidity of bright ideas and visions.

    Ceiling Fans
    Two ultra quiet fans to maintain a cool and
    relaxed space.

    • Weight: 420lb/190.5kg
    • Power requirements: 120V,3 prong plug
    • Outlets to support up to a total of 860W LED light draws 12W at 12V
    • Ethernet: CAT5e