Bring peace and harmony to your everyday life with our retreats.

Nothing is more effective than stepping out of the daily routine to reconnect with yourself and nature. Our wellness programs are designed for specific results and outcomes. Let us help you put together the most effective program for you, or your group. We have an extensive team of professionals that provide a wide range of traditions and modalities to inspire wholeness and balance.

Corporate Groups

Show your staff that work can be fun by letting us coordinate your next outing event. We teach a series of mindfulness techniques to help you prioritize and balance your day to day.

We create a teamwork environment that empowers groups to contribute to the goals and initiatives set out by the company. We offer powerful strategies that enable individuals to be more productive in their work and more influential when dealing with everyday situations.

We provide support with:

·       Budgeting
·        Team building
·        Problem solving
.        Quality Assurance
·        Orienting new members
·        Annual goals developmen

Private Groups

Our group retreats are a perfect way to reset and recharge with the ones you love. Gain clarity and focus by learning how to replenish your flow of energy. We can structure a retreat that is just right for your group including: mindful eating practices, sacred circle time for meditation and reflection, disconnection from social media, and outdoor exploration.

At a glance:

·       Yoga
·       Hiking
.       Meditation
.       Daily activities
.       Inspirational circles

Miami City Excursions

Experience something new with our in city excursions that allow you to explore little hidden treasures of Miami and Florida! The experience can be for a couple of hours or an entire day. We want to show you the unique beauty of Miami, and it’s local culture. Our tours include food, drinking, shopping, fun and much more. Ditch the boring itineraries and create your own tour with us.

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